Custom Jewlery Manufacturer

Our Story

Our History

Cameron Nami, founder and president of Limpid Jewelry arrived in the United States in 1979. Although he had his masters in Mechanical Engineering, he decided to change course and follow his family tradition, in the Jewelry and Diamond business. As a result Limpid Jewelry Inc. was established in New York in 1979. “Limpid” is a Latin word, meaning “Crystal and Clear.”

In 1995, after 16 years of doing business from New York and having been involved in the hustle and bustle of the jewelry district in Manhattan, The Company’s office and manufacturing plant moved from New York to Los Angeles. The modern facilities, pool of skilled craftsmen and influence of the West Coast designs enable The Company to introduce an elegantly crafted jewelry line and better service to its customers.

Our Mission

To engage in each transaction upon truth and fairness, which benefits all whom it involves. Help customers to achieve their needs, believing our success follows our customer’s success. Give to our customers more than what they expect.

Our Goal

To design, innovate and handcraft Jewelry with uncompromising quality in its class. Strive to reach the highest customer satisfaction. To introduce the latest, innovative as well as classical, designs of jewelry. To achieve the perfection in details, which differentiate an extraordinary creation from the rest To create fine pieces of jewelry with lasting value, which may be passed on to the next generation. Acquire, train and maintain happy individuals in the company, believing that happy employees make happy customers. To treat our vendors fairly, in order to establish a flow of the finest raw materials and unfinished goods from them to our customers.

Special Order Manufacturer

Now, Limpid Jewelry, focused in special order manufacturing, embraces a hardworking and brilliant team that includes seasoned craftsmen who are dedicated to producing fine jewelry. Our staff includes designers, 3D computer modelers, caster, bench jewelers, finishers, and customer service employees. For over 35 years, Limpid Jewelry has gained the trust and left their mark on jewelry retailers, designers and artisans in the fine jewelry industry throughout the United States. Our tradition and persistence for quality makes us the source for all of your custom designs and jewelry production needs.