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3D Wax printing, CAM

#3 blue wax

Technology in 3D printing is evolving rapidly. Solidscape-3Zpro and 3Dsystems-Projet CPX3000 are most advanced machines in the market now. Waxes printed with these two machines are extremely detailed and easy to work with. These machines have buildup layer which could be as fine as 16 micron, thinner than human hair. Models printed do not need any alterations (like milling machines) or extra supporting rods (like liquid resin growing types).  In lost wax casting process these wax models burn very clean which results in perfect gold or platinum casting. By employing these highly efficient and fast wax printing machines we reduce the cost which being passed on to our customers. In one of the pictures here, on the left, you can see the main build blue wax before dissolving and cleaning of the white support wax.

#3 blue wax before and after suport removal

If you have your own 3D file and only interested to have your waxes being printed, please email your request and attach CAD file in the STL or 3DM format. Requests for printing wax received before 5pm Pacific Time, in most cases, will be ready for next day casting stage or can be shipped in a wax form.